Motostuka Gloves - on the swell

Ready for "Rough Stock" ?

Rob Howe,  Lotostuka founder :
"I'm Rob Howe, I founded MotoStuka based on principles rare in our throw-away culture. My products represent a dedication to simple, elegant design, high quality materials, and an obsession with time honored craftsmanship. From the “U-Bag” travel satchels to the “Hog Butcher” shop aprons, MotoStuka accessories are designed to have function and soul. For example, the ME23 Gigante Tool Roll was created to do more than keep your wrenches from bouncing down the road behind your bike. The ME23 is meant to be a traveling companion. Its looks and texture are nostalgic to a time when hand tools were polished smooth from use. A time when names like Stowe & Wilcox, Armstrong Bothers, and IHC produced the highest quality tools on the market.  These were your dad’s tools, and your granddad’s tools, and they should be kept close to you all the time. So wrap your old wrenches in canvas and leather, keep them close to you, and above all, fix something!"

Motostuka - old west nostalgia
MotoStuka gloves attached to the tie strap holder
MotoStuka on the swell
MotoStuka, le site orignal : MotoStuka
MotoStuka : le guide des tailles

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